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The Santa Fe station was opened within the framework of the H Subway Line Expansion project, which Techint E&C is carrying out for Subways of Buenos Aires. Mauricio Macri, president of Argentine, headed the ceremony accompanied by the chief of the Buenos Aires City government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

As of July 12, the H Subway Line of Buenos Aires City has added the Santa Fe station, located under the intersection of Santa Fe and Pueyrredón avenues in the capital city of Argentina. This milestone not only benefit the 100,000 passengers who already travel on the line, but it is foreseen that 30,000 additional persons will join the service through the transfer with the D Line.

This is the third station that has been built in the framework of the H Subway Line Expansion project, which Techint E&C has been carrying out, in a joint venture with Dycasa Argentina, since October 2011. The H Line is the newest in the city of Buenos Aires and crosses all the other Lines transversally.

At the inaugural ceremony, Rodríguez Larreta explained that with the launching of full operation of the H Line, people going from Parque Patricios to Belgrano (from the south to the north ends of the city) will be able to reduce their travel time to half, and he added, "I feel proud to count on a station of such quality, comparable to the best in the world.”

For his part, Macri said, “We inaugurate another station, always in the same hope of helping people to live better, since one of the main parts of everyone’s life is how we commute.” And he later added, “This is an important means of transportation for Buenos Aires because it is a large city and has mobility problems.”

THE OVERALL PROJECT IN NUMBERS > 4.5 kilometers of tunnels > 1.5 kilometers of caverns > 13 kilometers of tracks > 1,400 workers at the peak of the work > 700,000 m3 of excavations > 230,000 m3 of reinforced concrete > 30,000 tons of steel

30,000 additional passengers will join the Subway service in Buenos Aires after the new station.