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The company is in the ranking drawn up by the magazines Você S.A. and  Exame in association with the Instituto de Administração Foundation.

Techint Engineering & Construction in Brazil has once again made it to the elite list of the 150 “Best Places to Work” in Brazil, according to the survey carried out by the magazines Você S.A. and Exame, belonging to the publishing house Editora Abril. The prize-giving ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 5, at the Club Atlético Monte Líbano, in Sao Paulo.

As in the previous five years, the company ranks among the best of some 500 companies which were evaluated. The employees qualified their company by answering an online questionnaire which ranked it according to the quality index 75, while the company’s quality HR management scored 73.2 and the final qualification concerning Happiness at work reached 74.5. Techint improved its score up from 74 the previous year.

According to HR Manager Marcelo Faria, Techint has every reason to be proud of its performance, as this not only reflects the satisfaction of its employees but also the effectiveness of all the investments in welfare and continuous improvement made throughout the year.