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Works are already under way to increase the company’s yard in the Pontal do Paraná region.

Part of the preparations for what will be the largest project in the company’s history in Brazil began in October with the work to revamp Techint’s yard in Pontal do Paraná where two fixed oil platforms, WHP-1 and WHP-2, are to be built for its customer OSX. The reforms to the yard mean that its surface area will increase from 160,000 m2 to 200,000 m2.

Work began on October 6 with a range of tasks such as the demolition, reform and construction of new buildings, road demarcation, lighting, distribution of electrical energy (including throughout the operating area), building two new substations, installing and extending drinking water networks, as well as water reuse and fire sprinkler networks.

The revamping of the site also includes installing new drainage and guttering, leveling the back area of 42,800 m², building temporary blocks to erect the jackets and topsides, rails to load out the jackets, and docks and rails to load out the topsides. There are currently 297 employees working on the site.

The last stage will be the building of the docking quay for the load out of the platform topsides, scheduled for completion in February 2013.