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The company sent equipments to the South of Argentina in order to help in cleaning tasks.

On July 4 Techint Engineering & Construction sent to Villa La Angostura, in Neuquén, a front loader, with bucket capacity of 3.5m³, and two dump trucks, with 14m³ of capacity each one, in order to transfer ashes and sand from a storing in town to a quarry located on the outskirts of town.

The equipments were received by the Secretary of Works and Public Services, Fabricio Stocchetti. "Due to load capacity and technical features, the machine provided by Techint was the one we needed. Its work has a direct impact with regard to truck loading times which transport the ashes, due to the fact that up to the present they have been working with machines of medium growing", said.

The Puyehue volcano, located at the South of Chile, start erupting on June 4. Quickly a huge snow of ashes, caused by the outbreak, came to the South of Argentina and covered the Patagonia with a grey color. As from that moment, Villa La Angostura was declared in emergency. 

The equipment will stay in the region up to the time in which the situation is under control.